Singapore Zoo Map

Singapore Zoo Map

Singapore Zoo Map

Singapore Zoo: Experience the Future of Zoo Exploration

The Singapore Zoo, earlier known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens or Mandai Zoo is a densely forested region that spreads over 28 hectares in the Upper Seletar Reservoir area. The zoo is famous for its open-concept rainforest setting that lets you watch all the animals roam around freely in their naturalistic habitats. The zoo is divided into 12 zones to mimic various environments - from Australian grasslands to lush African forests. There are more than 4,000 animals of over 300 species living in these zones with whom you can enjoy close encounters. At the Fragile Forest zone, you can spot various animals in the tropical rainforest like Tiger salamanders, Two-toed sloths, White-faced saki monkeys, and Zebra doves. The RedTopia zone has more than 60 species of reptiles in one place. At the Wild Africa zone, you can spot herbivorous animals like Zebras and Giraffes flanked by their natural predators like Lions and Cheetahs. 

The zoo has several engaging and educational activities and shows that help you understand the unique characteristics of the animals, their habitats, feeding habits, husbandry, and conservation efforts. The most popular activity at the Singapore Zoo is the feeding activity for animals like Zebras, Rhinoceros, Elephants, Turtles, and Giraffes. The adventure tour at the zoo takes you on a comprehensive trip around the zoo in a private buggy and enjoy close encounters with the animals. Shows like Splash Safari and Animal Friends have live performances by animals and are a true delight to watch. In addition, the zoo has ZooKeeper activities for kids to help them learn about animal husbandry and animal conservation.

FAQ’s for Singapore Zoo

Why is Singapore Zoo so famous?

The Singapore Zoo is renowned for its immersive and naturalistic exhibits. The zoo's distinct zones, such as the Fragile Forest and Wild Africa, offer visitors a chance to witness diverse wildlife in settings closely mirroring their native habitats. From observing Orangutans in the free-ranging exhibit to embarking on a Night Safari adventure, it's famous for its engaging and conservation-focused approach to wildlife education, housing animals like White tigers, Pygmy hippos, and Komodo dragons. The zoo even a downloadable Singapore Zoo Map for the tech-savvy tourists to navigate within the zoo.

Are the maps of the Singapore Zoo available in multiple languages?

Yes, the Singapore Zoo Map is available in both English and Chinese to cater to the demands of international tourists. The map can be downloaded from the Mandai app. These maps come in handy to explore the routes within the zoo, and spot amenities like toilets, water refill points, F&Bs, and nursing rooms.

What are the operating hours of the Singapore Zoo?

The zoo typically opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 6:00 PM every day. The last entry is allowed at 5:00 PM. Visitors can spend a full day at the Singapore Zoo, explore the various open-setting rainforest zones, get close-up animal encounters, feed the animals, go on a private adventure tour, and catch up with several live shows and presentations by animals.

Can visitors bring their own food and drinks to the Singapore Zoo?

Yes, the zoo permits visitors to carry baby food and special food for people with dietary restrictions. Please exercise caution while having food at the zoo as there are many monkeys within the zoo who might approach you in search of food. To avoid such unpleasant encounters with the freely roaming monkeys, the zoo has food outlets within the zoo to enjoy a pleasant dining experience.

How can visitors get to the Singapore Zoo using public transportation?

To reach the Singapore Zoo by public transportation, you can choose one of the two following ways -

  • MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): Hop on the North-South Line (Red Line) and get down at Khatib MRT Station. From there, catch the Mandai Khatib Shuttle (Bus 138) which will take you directly to the zoo.
  • Direct Bus Services: The Singapore Zoo offers a daily bus service called the Mandai Express (Bus 927), with pick-up points at various locations across the city.

How long does it typically take to explore the Singapore Zoo?

Spread over hectares of lush dense forests, you can easily spend the entire day of about 6 hours at the Singapore Zoo. You can use the Map of the Singapore Zoo to keep track of the places you have visited and activities you have completed at the zoo and to explore the zoo in an organized way.

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