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While one may think of getting the Singapore Zoo Night Safari tickets of the at the counter when they arrive at the place, it is always a better option to book the tickets online whenever you can. This not only helps in avoiding the long queue lines at the counter but also reduces the risk of not getting the tickets due to heavy crowds. Booking tickets online also comes with a ton of benefits such as combo offers which might not be available if you buy tickets in person along with the convenience of booking tickets from the comfort of your own home. By pre booking your tickets, you will be able to arrive at the Safari worry free and be able to witness the 100 different amazing species of nocturnal animals at the Park.

The tour charges are inclusive of the Night Safari Singapore admission fee and you do not need to pay any additional fees to view the animal shows. You can even choose from the various packages and night safari promotion offers while booking with us. You can get upto 45% off the night safari ticket price with a Tram ride and amazing discounts on combo tickets while booking through us.

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Wilderness of Singapore Night Safari

The Singapore Night Safari is the perfect combination of nature, wildlife, adventure and thrill for anyone who wants to watch a variety of exotic animals roaming around actively in the night. Nestled in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, the Night Safari, Singapore is the first nocturnal safari in the world with over 900 animals and 100 different species, also the most popular one among visitors. Embark on this exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime adventure and observe the fascinating animals in their natural habitat and get to know about their local tales told by expert guides. You can watch animals such as ottoman, civets and binturongs display their natural talents in night shows as well.

Night Safari in Singapore is a stem-winding experience in the middle of a magnificent forest along the River Wonders, the perfect place to unpack in order to escape from the exhausting city life. Either you are here for adventure or just to savor the beauty of nature, you can choose from among the variety of options and packages that the Safari trip has to offer. One can even relish in a unique dining experience in the wild and go for a wholesome evening walk in the Park to explore the nearby areas, amidst the nature.

Activities at Singapore Night Safari

There is no better way to catch a glimpse of the animals after dark than by indulging in the activities at the park. Included in the night safari booking, these multi-sensory activities will help you get to know more about the wildlife living in the present.

Creature of the Night Show

Gaze at the magical Creatures of the night show which showcases the breathtaking talents of the otters, civets, binturongs and many other animals. In addition, you can learn about the spotted Hyena’s powerful jaw while at the same time be amazed by the African serval’s ability to leap for prey, all with your night safari tickets.

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Wildlife Tours

To enjoy the night safari to the fullest, hop on an open-sided Tram Car, which is equipped with English audio documentaries based on the animals and their lifestyles or take a stroll through the park on foot. On this Wildlife Safari Tour you will even be able to come face to face with the Asian Elephants and the Indian Rhinos and feed them yourself.

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Keeper’s Talk

Enhance your knowledge about wildlife and animals by listening to the Keeper’s Talk, the people who know the place the best. They regularly feed the animals and take care of them, in short they are the ones closest in contact with the animals. Through their talk, you will be able to catch insider stories on the animals and be amused by their tales.

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Top Zones at Singapore Night Safari

East Lodge Trail

A captivating and curious path, the East Lodge Trail is the culmination of the African and the Asian continent, thus presenting the animals of the tropics and the Savannah. There is a great diversity of animals throughout this trail.It carries along the majestic as well as fantastic animals like the Bongo, Sloth Bear, Babirusa and Malayan Tiger which makes it a sight to see. All of these animals live side by side, in harmony with each other.

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Fishing Cat Trail

To feel and see a truly thrilling hunting experience, embark on the Fishing Cat Trail and observe the skilled Fishing Cat catching its prey. With your Singapore Night Safari tickets, you can spot and learn about the wild activities of these clever animals. Explore the exotic animals found to be here like the Fishing Cat, Pangolin, Common Palm Civet and the Southern Three-Banded Armadillo. These predators in their natural habitat display a pulsating show for the spectators to see.

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Leopard Trail

Take a night trek through the Leopard Trail and view the magnificent skill of climbing portrayed by the Clouded Leopard as well as glide through the skies by observing the Flying Foxes and Flying Squirrels which may pass from just above your head. It is a fascinating sight to see these ferocious animals, going just about their usual business in their habitats. Leopard Trial is famous for its power packed animals like the Majestic Gir Lions, Eagle Owl, Clouded Leopard and the Hog Badger.

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Difference Between Singapore Night Safari & Singapore Zoo

While one may think that the Singapore Night Safari and Singapore Zoo are the same location, they are found at different locations. The entrance of both Park’s is next to each other.

With the night safari tickets, you can view a variety of nocturnal animals which rest under the sunshine and only come out at night. At the night safari, most of the exploration happens with the help of a Tram ride, although one can also go by foot. The nighttime activities such as the Wildlife Tours and Creatures of the Night Show included in the night safari promotion can be covered by you here. Some wild animals that can be found here include the Sloth Bear, Spotted Hyena, Bushbaby and the Pangolin.

The Singapore Zoo is a daytime attraction, housing over 2,800 wild creatures in a tropical rainforest park. It offers daytime activities such as the Splash Safari Shows, Water themed games for the kids and the jungle safari, but only during the day. The zoo covers a significantly larger portion than the night safari trails hence, you may need more hours to cover the zoo than the night safari. The tourists can explore the park at their own pace, without much guidance from experts. The zoo carries some eye-catching exotic animals for the visitors to see such as the White Rhino, Two-toed sloth, White Faced Saki Monkey and the Electric Blue Gecko.

Know Before You Book Singapore Night Safari Tickets

Essential Information
Services Offered & Accessibility

Opening Hours - From 06:30 PM - 12:00 AM, open everyday of the year

How to Reach -- Public Transport: Take the train to the Khatib NS14 Station and then travel via a connecting bus- Mandai Khatib Shuttle to the Night Safari.

Self-driven or by Taxi: A 30-minutes drive from the city center, choose from the Central Expressway (CTE) or Pan Island Expressway (PIE) route to the night safari can be done by the visitors.

Park Rules - - Recreational transportation like skates are not allowed inside the park.- No flash Photography inside the park, it can hurt animals.- No pets or plants are allowed inside the park for safety reasons.

Best Time to Visit - The best time to visit the night safari is during its opening hours around 7:30 PM. During the early hours, the place is usually less crowded and hence, you can get a glimpse of all animals with ease. Also, you can plan your whole night from the night shows to dining without any rush.

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Services Offered -- Nursing Room is also available at the venue for parents with toddlers.- Mobility Access in terms of strollers are also provided at the venue. - First Aid Kit is also provided to make sure you get proper aid when in need .

- Prayer Room facility is also provided inside the park for visitors' convenience.

Accessibility - - For guests with limited mobility, the park has accessibility services. You can get a wheelchair at the entrance of the park with your night safari tickets by contacting the staff at the reception. - For children and toddlers, one can get access to a wagon or stroller as well as electric scooters by contacting the reception at a little extra cost.

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Important Guidelines About Visiting Singapore Night Safari

Explore Safely: It is important to stay at only those areas where humans roam. Do not walk into prohibited areas or spaces meant for the animals as they are highly dangerous.

Ride Safely: While riding through the Tram Car, be seated comfortably at all times and stay within the car only without taking out your feet and arms from the car for a smooth ride.

Respect our Animals: The Park is the animal’s home, hence always show respect towards them. Do not feed them anything or tease them in any kind of way.

Commercial Footage: Do not use filmed footages/videos or photos commercially unless authorized or consented by the officials from the Night Safari. It is strictly prohibited.

Smoke Free Park: One shall not smoke inside the Park as it is a non-smoking zone. Designated areas are located outside the park for people who wish to smoke.

Image Rights: A person may be filmed or photographed while visiting the park by the authorities of the Night Safari. Your night safari singapore admission to the park serves as the consent to the use of these images.

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Singapore Night Safari Tickets FAQ's

What is so special about Singapore Night Safari?

The Singapore Night Safari is the first nocturnal wild safari show in the world, and the most popular one among people. Meet over 2,500 nocturnal creatures with your night safari booking and satisfy your curiosity by taking a ride in the Tram to know all about these wild species. The four different walking trails, creating a special habitat for all animals be it from the Africa-Asia region or hunting species, makes the park unique and attractive.

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How long does it take to finish Singapore Night Safari?

It takes approximately 3-4 hours to finish the Singapore Night Safari along with the entertainment shows and tram rides that are included in the night safari promotion offers. The tram ride takes about 1 hour and the other activities constitute the rest of the time.

What is included in the Singapore Night Safari Ticket?

The night safari ticket price covers a wide variety of costs such as the round-trip Tram car ride. Plus, you do not need to pay any additional fees to view the animal shows as it is included in the night safari admission fee.

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How does Singapore River Wonders provide holistic development?

Through every effort, the Wildlife Safari Singapore helps in contribution towards sustainability and protection of the wild animals. The night safari Singapore breeds threatened animals like the Malayan Tapir, Malayan Tigers, Asian Elephants and many more to protect them from extinction. With the night safari tickets, one also gets access to a powerhouse of knowledge about these animals. Thus, the Wildlife Reserve helps in promoting education of these animals as well.


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