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Singapore Zoo is a big name for its amazing wildlife parks. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then Singapore Zoo's sister park, River Wonders, formerly River Wonders Singapore, is perfect for a day out with family. River Wonders is the first river-themed wildlife park in Asia. Tourists can discover 7,500 incredible terrestrial and aquatic species of 240 different kinds. River Wonders online tickets can be purchased for a hassle-free visit to the park.

This one-of-a-kind park combines the world of freshwater rivers with the wildlife that lives there, simulating the ecosystems found in the world's most famous rivers in the singapore zoo. The park is subdivided into ten different ecosystems, with the River Nile, Yangtze River, and Amazon experiences receiving the most positive feedback. Aside from the rivers, River Wonders has designated forest areas for various species. The Giant Panda Forest, the Amazon Flooded Forest, and the Squirrel Monkey Forest are part of this area. At River Wonders Singapore, you may explore the forests at your leisure and see species ranging from Pandas to Manatees. Book River Wonders tickets online and enjoy some exclusive benefits to plan your day better. All the details and inclusions of River Wonders ticket price are available online.

Book Singapore River Wonders Tickets Online

For a hassle-free visit ensure that you are purchasing River Wonders online ticket. When you book your River Wonders Singapore ticket, you will be prompted to select a time slot that is convenient for you. With prior River Wonders booking, you not only get to book them from the convenience of your own home, but you also skip the huge entry lines at the attraction. Furthermore, by purchasing River Wonders tickets online, you can plan your visit and purchase your tickets in advance. You no longer have to be concerned about Singapore River Wonders tickets selling out!

By visiting River Wonders, tourists can explore Singapore's beautiful surroundings by strolling around the lush green sections. At Mandai River Wonders, you can enjoy a peaceful river life. The mighty rivers of the world inspired this river-themed animal park. Know about all rivers, including the Congo River in Africa and the Ganges in India. Also, don't forget to take a relaxing boat ride through the world's most famous rainforest with your loved ones. By visiting Asia's first and only river-themed wildlife park, tourists can walk through the diverse ecosystems of some of the world's most notable rivers. Prior River Wonders booking will reduce your time of standing in long ticket queues.

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Experiences to Have in Singapore River Wonders

Wildlife Tours

At Asia's first and only River themed animal park, let a personal guide lead you through the giants of the watery world! Have a look into the life of the newest member of the huge panda family. Get exclusive admission to the Once Upon a River Show and see the show's stars up close and personal! In this exclusive seasonal tour programme, learn how they are cared for and interact with them. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our fauna! By purchasing River Wonders online tickets, discover how our animals are cared for, their distinct characteristics, and the chance to feed some of them.

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Amazon River Quest

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime boat ride through a mystical river environment. Prepare to spot well-camouflaged and elusive creatures within dense vegetation for a fresh perspective of Amazonian wildlife in this quest designed to replicate a journey along the Amazon River. The sights and sounds of animals from one of the world's most diverse rainforest settings will captivate you! While enjoying the boat ride, tourists can spot Brazilian Tapir, Jaguar, Giant Anteater and more. Animals in the wild are accustomed to blending in with their surroundings and hiding in plain sight. So don't be shocked if animals camouflage themselves behind boulders and plants on the Amazon River Quest boat ride.

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Fascinating Creatures

The world's largest frog, the huge Chinese salamander, and the endangered Mekong catfish are among the unusual animals on display at Singapore River Wonders. This huge park also has Southeast Asia's largest Panda exhibit, with the main attraction being a pair of Giant Pandas, a species with a global population of 1,600 individuals and one of China's national treasures. You can also find out the 100 of birds at Jurong Bird Park The world's largest freshwater aquarium is also housed in the River Wonders. Make sure that you are checking River Wonders ticket price before making your bookings.

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Top Zones at Singapore River Wonders

Amazon Flooded Forest

The Amazon Flooded Forest is the park's largest aquarium, with views from several levels. After a trek across the hot Wild Amazonia zone, the cold and dark caves provide a pleasant respite from the heat. Manatees, arapaimas, and other riverine species take the cue to gorge themselves on the forest's plentiful supplies. Once inside, you'll discover this tube aquarium, home to two massive river otters. There are three windows in this large show. Amazon Flooded Forest hosts some fascinating creatures just like Sturgeon, Phoenix Barb and more.

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Congo River

The Congo River is the deepest in the world, reaching over 220 metres in some places. It roars through ferocious rapids and waterfalls on several levels. But underneath its rough exterior lies a world of tranquil beauty; this exhibit features some of the most colourful fish you've ever seen. Lake Tanganyika, the world's longest and second-deepest freshwater lake, is featured in this exhibit. The Congo Basin receives water, food, and revenue from this largest of Africa's freshwater lakes. Moreover, the Congo River features some of the best aquatic animals, such as Large Spot Catfish, Blue Cichlid, etc.

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Ganges River

Hindus regarded the Ganges as Mother Ganga, the goddess of creation and abundance, as the holiest river. The Ganges, formed by the confluence of Himalayan springs, runs for 2,500 kilometres and supports half a billion people and a diverse range of freshwater animals. This exhibit displays a variety of South Asian species, such as the fist-eating Indian Gharial, the frog-faced softshell turtle, and the interesting Goonch Catfish, which is inspired by the Hindu temples that flank the river. It's known as the enormous devil catfish, and it's claimed to have developed a craving for human flesh after scavenging on the bodies of funeral pyres dumped in the Ganges. It has a mouth full of backwards-pointing solid teeth, similar to those of sharks, indicating a ferocious hunter.

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Giant Panda Forest

This is Southeast Asia's largest panda exhibit, at 1,500 m2. The cutting-edge biodome is temperature and humidity-controlled to ensure the pandas' comfort, and it mimics the bears' natural environment with lush foliage, stones, and water features. One of the primary highlights of Singapore River Wonders is the male and female Giant Pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, who are kept at the Giant Panda Forest. Giant Pandas are national treasures in China and are critically endangered, with only around 1,600 remaining in the wild. To aid their survival and lifestyle, authorities have erected a high-tech biodome complete with climate control, boulders, water features, and vegetation that resembles the natural habitat of these wonderful creatures from their native China. To feed the giant pandas, an 8000-square-metre bamboo plantation is maintained. This enclosure also houses the endangered red panda and golden pheasants.

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Mary River

The Mary Catchment Area has been designated a biodiversity hotspot, with several species found nowhere else on the planet. The exhibit follows the Mary River as it transitions from freshwater to brackish water to saltwater before emptying into the sea. Meet some of the strangest fish in the area, including the lunged one, the excellent archer, and the one that skips around on land. The Australian lungfish, for example, may survive in stagnant water by gulping air into a modified swim bladder. The archerfish, which caught insects from overhanging trees by blasting a jet of water from its mouth or leaping out of the water to snare them with its jaws, could be seen here. The mudskipper, which can stay out of the water for hours by receiving oxygen through its damp skin, will also be introduced.

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Mekong River

The Mekong River starts from the Tibetan plateau, is fed by melting snow, and flows through six nations before joining the South China Sea. It is the world's most prolific river, producing 2.5 million tonnes of fish every year. It is also the ninth biggest river globally, with a length of about 4,300 kilometres. The Mekong Basin is home to around 850 fish species, second only to the Amazon. More species are being found all the time. Some of the world's largest freshwater animal species can be found in the Mekong. There are no other rivers that host as many large fish species as possible. You can get up close and personal with river giants like the Mekong large catfish, Fire eel, giant freshwater stingray, and Jullien's Golden Carp at this massive exhibit, which is the size of four double-decker buses.

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Know Before You Book Singapore River Wonders Tickets

Essential Information
Services Offered

1.) Opening Hours & Closing Time: River Wonders Singapore is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. The Giant Panda Forest is open from 10 a.m. to 6:15 p.m., while Amazon River Quest is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Before visiting, don’t forget to check the River Wonders ticket price.

2.) How to Reach:

  • By Car: River Wonders is around a 30-minute drive from the city. If you're arriving by taxi, there are two convenient drop-off places near the zoo; for ease, you can take the Central Expressway (CTE) or the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).
  • By Train: Khatib (NS14), Mandai Khatib Shuttle; Choa Chu Kang (NS4), connecting bus service 927; Ang Mo Kio (NS16), connecting bus service 138.

3.) Best Time to Visit: Best time of the day to visit River Wonders is during the early hours, when the crowd is comparatively less. The months of May to July are the best for visiting River Wonders, as this is when the most wildlife and aquatic creatures can be seen. It's also ideal to go early in the morning and get your hands on River Wonders tickets. But make sure that you are making a booking of a River Wonders Singapore ticket online.

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  • Nursing Room: Entrance Plaza, Giant Panda Forest, Boat Plaza, and Amazon Flooded Forest include nursing rooms.
  • Mobility Access: Rent a stroller or waggon for your baby or toddler. We also have electric scooters for rent and complimentary wheelchairs at the park's entrance.
  • First Aid: If you're feeling unwell, ask any uniformed staff member; we'll be happy to help. At Entrance Plaza, Giant Panda Forest, and Boat Plaza, there are also Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).
  • Prayer Room: To help tourists out, River Wonders Singapore comprises a prayer room. Prayer mats and garments are also provided.
  • AccessibilityRiver Wonders is easily accessible as it is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Singapore. Ensure that you are purchasing River Wonders online tickets in advance.

Difference between Singapore Zoo & River Wonders

Singapore Zoo
  • The Singapore Zoo, home to 300 different animal species, is a great spot to spend a day with your loved ones.
  • The world's first free-ranging orangutan habitat is located at this zoo.
  • Singapore Zoo offers a bird park, a river wonders section, and night safari sessions for those looking for some excitement.
  • The zoo is so large that visiting it in one sitting will take more than 5 to 6 hours.
River Wonders
  • Between the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari is the River Wonders, a river-themed zoo and aquarium. Since the park is visited by thousands of tourists every day, it is mandatory to make prior River Wonders booking.
  • In Singapore's newest wildlife park, over 6,000 animals, including 40 endangered species, reside in zones that mimic the ecology of rivers worldwide, from the Mississippi to the Yangtze.
  • By purchasing a River Wonders Singapore ticket, meet manatees and monkeys, piranhas and pandas as they swarm in and around the park's waters at River Wonders Singapore.
  • The Amazon River Quest, nestled in River Wonders, offers a wonderful boat excursion where you may explore the vegetation and wildlife. Boat excursion is included in River Wonders tickets.

Guidelines About River Wonders Singapore

1.) Smoke-Free ParkRiver Wonders is a smoke-free zone. Outside the park's entrance is a designated smoking area.

2.) No Pets or Plants AllowedThe park has been declared a quarantine zone. Pets and plants are not permitted since they may endanger the health and safety of the animals.

3.) Ride SafelyRemain seated and keep your hands and feet within the boat during the journey.

4.) Respect our AnimalsTreat the park as if it were the animals' home, and treat them with care. This means you should not feed or tease the animals.

FAQ's Related to Singapore River Wonders Tickets

What is so special about Singapore River Wonders?

Part of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore, River Wonders is Asia's first river-themed zoo and aquarium. River Wonders booking will give you an opportunity to explore 6,000 creatures from over 300 species, 40 of which are vulnerable, spread across the reserve's ten distinct riverine ecosystems. These amazing animals are housed in exhibits based on the world's rivers, from the Mississippi to the Amazon. For witnessing the exquisite beauty of this park, ensure that you are booking River Wonders tickets online.

How does Singapore River Wonders provide holistic development?

The primary goal of the Singapore River Wonders is to raise awareness of the biodiversity that exists in these environments and contribute to worldwide conservation efforts. With this in mind, the reserve hosts a variety of engaging activities such as enrichment programmes, multidisciplinary trails, and workshops. To explore the biodiversity at its best, don’t forget to check River Wonders ticket price online before making advance bookings.

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Does Singapore River Wonders offer dining space?

The River Wonders has fewer amenities for dining. A Starbucks in the entrance plaza and "Mama Panda Kitchen," which serves Chinese cuisine, including the undoubtedly gorgeous panda buns, at the Giant Panda Forest are some of the dining spaces. Only vaccinated and unvaccinated children under 12 are permitted to dine in. Also, purchasing a River Wonders Singapore ticket might provide some coupons or discounts for dining.

Is Photography allowed inside River Wonders Singapore?

Photography is strictly prohibited at River Wonders Singapore.


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