About Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo, on the island's northwestern tip, is a refuge for amazing species and a must-see for animal enthusiasts. This cherished institution began welcoming visitors in 1973 and has since evolved to become one of the finest rainforest zoos in the nation. The zoo has earned numerous international and local honors in addition to housing approximately 2,800 animals from 300 species, including crocodiles, Malayan tapirs, and white tigers.

As you go around the 11 zones of the Singapore Zoo, you'll undoubtedly come across several opportunities for amazing interactions with its animals. The incredible species you'll see here live in open habitats that are meant to seem like their natural environments. Get up close and personal with the charming lemurs and sloths of Fragile Forest, and marvel at the majestic lions and zebras of Wild Africa at the Australasia exhibit. Visitors with children can head right over to the Rainforest KidzWorld for its range of attractions, shows and rides tailored just for kids.

The zoo offers a variety of up-close interactions, such as behind-the-scenes tours on the Wild Discoverer Tour and feeding sessions with animals such as giraffes and elephants. The Zoo also features a number of eclectic dining options, with its bistros and restaurants serving up a range of local and international meals and snacks.

Book Singapore Zoo Tickets Online

The best way to ensure the most hassle free entry into the attraction would be to buy Singapore Zoo tickets online. The exciting array of deals and tour packages offered by us not only secures one a good discount on their Singapore zoo ticket booking, but also lets one skip the queue at one of the city's most popular family attractions. Thus, purchasing one’s Singapore Zoo tickets online could be the ideal route for those looking to optimize their budget trip with cheap Singapore Zoo tickets.

The Zoo deals offered by us not only include the Singapore Zoo entrance ticket fee, but also grants one access into the 11 themed zones that comprise the zoo. Visitors will get to tour the zoo on their own accord, as well as participate in any of the activities and sit for any number of shows. When you buy Singapore Zoo tickets online, you also get the chance to customize your tour by adding in-zoo activities like tram rides or night safaris, or combining the journey with a visit to adjacent attractions like the Jurong Bird Park.

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Singapore Zoo Tickets Variants Options

Singapore zoo
Singapore Zoo Ticket with Tram Ride

One of the most cost-effective means of touring the zoo are with these cheap Singapore zoo tickets, which includes entry and access to all zones, plus a tram tour through the exhibits. The tram ride is a special group experience that takes visitors through all of the 11 zones at the zoo in the zoo’s very own tram. The tickets can be availed by both Singapore residents and tourists. The Singapore Zoo tour with Tram Ride is a dated experience, and the ticket can only be cashed in on a specified date.

Singapore zoo
Singapore Zoo and Night Safari Combo

The world’s first nocturnal zoo, the Night Safari is an exciting addition to one’s tour. A fantastic combination package, this particular ticket offers a good deal on one’s Singapore Zoo and Night Safari Ticket Price. The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari Ticket Combo includes admission into the zoo during its operating hours, along with a buggy tour through the exhibits. The Singapore Zoo Night Safari Tickets also include entry and safari at the nocturnal zoo, after it opens at 06.00PM.

Singapore zoo
Singapore Zoo Ticket with Chartered Buggy Tour

The Private Buggy tour is one of the most exclusive and, deservingly, the most sought after tours offered by the Zoo. Like the tram, the Chartered Buggy takes one through most of the major exhibits at the zoo. However, it allows one the privacy and comfort of touring with one’s own group. The Buggy Ride is a guided one, with the zoo expert often stopping to offer valuable information about the way of animal life there. The Singapore Zoo tickets also allow one to complement the buggy tour with an animal feeding experience.

Singapore zoo
Jurong Bird Park + Singapore Zoo

Those who buy Singapore Zoo tickets online also get the opportunity to customize their tour and add other secondary experiences to their package. The Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Zoo combo package offers an excellent means of experiencing the natural wealth of the country, while one houses the best of local and global wildlife, the other is home to more than 400 fantastic bird species.

Which Singapore Zoo Tickets to Choose?

While it’s possible to book one’s tickets at the venue, we recommend that all visitors buy Singapore Zoo tickets online. Being one of the city’s most popular attractions, purchasing tickets on the spot would require one to wait through neverending queues. Instead, with an online purchase, one can not only beat the crowd, but also select a date of their choice to plan a visit. It doesn’t matter when you choose to book- whether it’s at the very last minute, or beyond the zoo’s working hours, your Singapore Zoo ticket booking will not only come through seamlessly, but you will be receiving great discounts on the entry price as well.

Singapore Zoo

1.) To Optimize your Visit and Spend Lesser time by the Counter:One of the best ways to skip the crowds that gather at the attraction would be to conduct one’s Singapore Zoo ticket booking online. This way, you could directly gain entry to the Zoo without having to wait.

2.) To Explore Further into Mandai:A great way to complement one’s visit to the Singapore Zoo would be to avail any of the combination tickets with adjacent attractions, such as the Jurong Bird Park or the Night Safari.

3.) Cover more with Combo Tickets:With our various combo tickets one can discover a lot more in the given time with budget friendly prices. These deals are feasible for both groups as well as solo travelers, who want to explore more within one package.

Experiences offered in Singapore Zoo Tickets

One’s ticket to the attraction not only includes the Singapore Zoo admission fee and access to its exhibits, but a diverse range of activities as well. The Wildlife Tours, which include buggy tours, special seasonal tours, and specific exhibit tours, serve as a great way to get close to the wildlife at the zoo. The Animal Feeding Show, on the other hand, lets visitors feed the magnificent animals at the zoo. The Keeper Talks are also an excellent means of learning more about the animals, with the expert trainers shedding invaluable information on the way of animal life here. The zoo also conducts several special animal performance shows, and has fun rides and attractions especially for children.

Singapore zoo
Animal Feeding

Animal Feeding is one of the most exciting activities that can be availed from Singapore Zoo tickets. The zoo allows visitors to not just watch the animal experts feed the magnificent animals, but also feed them from their own hands. Feeding shows at the zoo include elephant feeding, tortoise feeding, giraffe feeding, goat feeding and white rhinoceros feeding. All animal feeding shows take place at specific timings, throughout the day.

img (4).jpg
Wildlife Tours

The Wildlife Tours allow visitors at the zoo to get behind the scenes and closer to the wildlife. The Zoo offers a variety of tours, with the Buggy Tour being the most popular one, where tourists are guided throughout the tour premises on a buggy ride. One can also add seasonal tours to their Singapore Zoo tickets, which take place from time to time.

Singapore zoo
Keeper Talk

The Keeper Talk allows visitors to learn more about the animals from those that know them best. The keeper shows are offered at different timings for different exhibits. Keepers take guests throughout the zone, talking about the animals’ quirks and funny habits, offering a unique insight into their lifecycle.

img (5).jpg

The animal shows at Singapore Zoo displays the best of animal talent housed here. The Splash Safari displays how gracefully sea lions play and show their classic turn tricks. The Animal Friends showcase the best of domestic pets, and the Rainforest Fights Back brings together ten different rainforest species in a splendid.display. Each show takes place twice each day, and lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Singapore zoo
Kids Oriented Activities

The Singapore Zoo also includes a range of fun activities tailored especially towds its younger guests. Apart from the feeding shows and educational tours, the Zoo also features a wet play area for kids, along with a Houbii Rope Course where children can climb and trapeze. The KidzWorld also features an animal carousel, which is a popular show among the kids.

Zones at Singapore Zoo

The beautifully segregated animals and zones at the Singapore Zoo bring together a diverse and stunning collection of animals, fish, birds and reptiles from around the world. Each zone is specially designed and maintained to represent the natural habitat of the animals that are shelters within it. Some zones, such as the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia and the Elephants of Asia, also make use of elaborate architecture to reinvision the natural world the way it is in those areas. The zones also conduct tours, live demonstrations and feeding shows from time to time.

img (7).jpg

One of the most interesting habitats to visit on one’s Singapore Zoo tickets is Australasia, which brings forth the world’s best big-footed wonders. While marsupials heavily populate Australia, they are also found in parts of Asia. The Australasia exhibit features various types of kangaroos and wallabies, along with the magnificent Cassowary, widely regarded as the most dangerous bird in the world.

Featuring Animals:Kangaroos & Wallabies: Classified as ‘macropods’, or ‘those with big feet’, watching kangaroos hop around is truly a wonder. Often, mothering kangaroos can be seen with their joey in their pouches. Visitors can watch the kangaroos in action from the viewing gallery, or take a walk through the exhibit itself. Australasia is also home to a family of three kangaroos- Makaia, Nupela, and their joey.

img (6).jpg
Elephants of Asia

Sprawling across 1 hectare, the Elephants of Asia exhibit brings together five of these magnificent beasts all the way from the jungles of Asia. The Burmese styled architecture of the habitat reflects their heritage; the exhibit is also equipped with hanging snack boxes, mud pools, and rubber balls to keep the elephants entertained.

Featuring Animal:The Asian elephant herd at Singapore Zoo comprises five females, all coming from different parts of the world. The Matriarch, Komali, is the only Sri Lankan elephant, and can be identified by the pink spots on their ears. Jati, the matriarch in training, is known for her even temperament. Gambir is the resident mother figure; Intan and Aprila are two half-sisters from the critically endangered tribe of Sumatran elephants.

img (9).jpg
Fragile Forest

Mimicking a tropical equatorial rainforest, the Fragile Forest is home to the weird and the wonderful. Walking through the biodome, one comes across camouflaged frogs, shy mousedeers, and whistling ducks. The forest also features an overhead viewing platform, offering better views of the flying foxes, the Saki monkeys, the Prevost’s squirrels and the Madagascar lemurs.

Featuring Animal:A member of the shrub frog family, the Four Lined Tree Frog is most commonly found across Southeast Asia. The animal takes its name from the literal four lines on its back, which helps it camouflage on spiny leaves. The forest also features prevost’s squirrel which is commonly referred to as the ‘beautiful squirrel’. It is a tri-colored squirrel hailing from the Malay Peninsula and its adjacent islands.

img (9).jpg
Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

Full with artistic recreation of Ethiopian villages, the Great Rift Valley quite literally brings to life the dramatic and exciting life at the Rift. The Valley’s biodiverse wildlife finds expression in the exhibit’s family of meerkats, Hamadryas baboons, and Nubian ibexes.

Featuring Animal:Meerkat: A small sized mongoose, the meerkat is famous for the funny pose it strikes as it stands up on two legs. Meerkats generally live and travel in families, and can be seen huddled close together in small spaces.

Rock Hyrax: Also known as dassie, the Rock Hyrax is a terrestrial mammal native to the African region. The Hyraxes generally feed on grass, and cling to rocky outcrops, often camouflaging in their golden brown skins.

img (10).jpg
Primate Kingdom

One of the most beautiful exhibits that one can visit on their Singapore Zoo tickets, the Primate Kingdom is home to monkeys, or primates, from diverse bio-regions. As a result, the Kingdom is separated into several small islands, each island housing vegetation and wildlife coming from a particular part of the island. The moats and rivers between the islands are filled with fresh fish.

Featuring Animal:White Faced Saki Monkey: Found mostly in Brazil, the white faced saki monkey is a part of the New World Monkey species. These monkeys can generally be found hanging on the lower canopies, feeding on fruit and nuts.

Cotton Top Tamarin: Another one of the New World Monkeys, the Cotton Top Tamarin derives its name from its sheer white hair, which spreads across its head in a mohawk. These monkeys are generally found in Colombia.

img (11).jpg
Rainforest Kidzworld

This interactive animal playground is one of the best exhibits to visit with your Singapore Zoo tickets if you’re traveling with children. The exhibit is home to all things small and cute, from little horses to tiny pigs. There’s an animal carousel to keep children busy, along with regular children’s tours offered by the trainers.

Featuring Animal:Falabella: The Fallabella is the smallest horse breed in the world. Flamenca, Lovena, Pampeano and Bollin are the four resident Fallabelas at the exhibit. The trainers here also conduct a special Fallabella hair grooming demonstration each morning at 10.

Fancy Rat: The fancy rat is the most common type of domestic rat, often kept as pets.

img (12).jpg
Reptile Garden

Home to more than 60 species of reptiles, the Reptile Garden is one of the most diverse zones that one can visit with their Singapore Zoo tickets. The RedTopia, Tortoise Shelter, and Sungei Buaya are all included as a part of the Garden. This zone conducts a number of interesting shows and interactions on a daily basis, allowing visitors to get even closer to these scaly wonders.

Featuring Animal:Komodo Dragon: The Komodo Dragon is the largest and heaviest of lizards in the world. The lizards are native to central Indonesia, particularly to Komodo Island.

Indian Gharial: The Indian Gharial resembles the crocodile, and can only be distinguished by its long snouts. The Gharial is also unique in its fish eating habits, unlike the regular crocodile.

img (13).jpg

The RedTopia draws visitors right into the world of reptiles. The zone takes one across a tour of four distinct geographical areas, each one home to a host of frogs, snakes, lizards, and more. RedTopia also conducts interactive educational tours and feeding shows, and has a special play area dedicated to children.

*Featuring Animal *Amazon Milk Frog: The Amazon Milk Frog is distinct in its unique color, the body of the frog is pale blue, with brown and black hands. It is a large sized carnivore, and feeds on small insects.

Dyeing Poison Frog: The Dyeing Poison Frog is one of the biggest frog species to exist. It derives its name from its primary defense mechanism, which is to shoot poison into the eyes of its enemy.

img (14).jpg
Treetops Trail

The Treetops Trail envisions the different layers of a typical rainforest. Entering the exhibit, one is immediately greeted by the calls of its two resident Siamang, Anna and Ako. One also catches a glimpse of the mousedeer peeking through the trees, and the false gharial in the Treetops lake.

Featuring Animal Siamang: The Siamang is a black gibbon native to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. These acrobatic animals can be seen jumping from tree to tree, and are recognized by their powerful calls.

Greater Mouse Deer: The Greater Mousedeer is a small sized elongate streaming from Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo and their surrounding regions.

Dining at Singapore Zoo

From crowd favorites like KFC to casual restaurants, the dining options at Singapore Zoo promise to satisfy all appetites. The fares here serve everything from snacks, to Singaporean meals, and freshly prepared pasta. While those seeking a taste of the local cuisine would find their place at the Chawang and Chomel Bistros, those looking for a more international dining experience would find a better fit at the Ah Meng Restaurant and Bistro. The Singapore Zoo also features two separate KFC outlets, along with its very own ice cream parlor.

kfc at singapore zoo.jpg
KFC at Singapore Zoo Interest

Everybody is fond of Colonel Sanders’ special fried chicken and burgers. For a quick fried snack, head over to the KFC kiosk at the Zoo entrance and get a burger meal, fries or drink of your choice.

Timings: Monday- Friday: 10.00 AM- 06.00 PM

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays: 09.00 AM- 07.00 PM

kaya toast.jpg
Inuka Cafe

ffering a quick, replenishing pit stop, the Inuka Cafe prides in its array of freshly prepared Singaporean snacks. If you’re craving for a quick traditional bite, no one can conjure up a better kaya toast or chendol than Inuka.

Timings: 08.00 Am- 06.00 PM on all days.

hot steam rice.jpg
Chomel Bistro

Chomel Bistro promises a traditional Singaporean meal, whether you’re craving noodles or a bowl of steaming hot rice. The fares here are generally heavy main courses, such as nasi lemak, laksa or fried bee hoon.

Timings: 10.30 AM- 06.00 PM on all days.

pasta dish.jpg
Chawang Bistro

Chawang Bistro brings together the best of international meals in cafe style. The Bistro prides in its selection of in-house specialties, especially the pasta dishes and the combo meals.


Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.30 Am- 06.00 PM.

The Bistro remains closed on non-holiday weekdays.

Ice Cream Shop in Saloka Theme Park
New Zealand Natural

Singapore Zoo’s very own ice cream parlor, New Zealand Natural, boasts an enviable range of flavors. While the basic flavors are always a good choice, the exotic options here include flavors like Boysenberry Dream or Macadamia Extreme.

Timings: 10.00 M- 06.00 PM on all days.

Eastern BBQ Dinner Dubai
Ah Meng Restaurant

Ah Meng Restaurant brings together the best of eastern and western cuisines. The casual diner boasts of a plethora of options to choose from, be it chicken rice, Barbecue items or biryani.


Monday to Friday: 10.30 AM- 04.00 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.00 AM- 04.30 PM

img (21).jpg
Ah Meng Bistro

Like the eponymous restaurant, the menu at Ah Meng Bistro is deliciously diverse. Apart from its range of sandwiches and freshly baked pastries, the Bistro also serves a range of specialty teas.


Monday to Friday: 09.00 AM- 05.00 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.30 AM- 05.30 PM

img (22).jpg
KFC (Rainforest Kidzworld)

Being a popular children’s favorite, KFC’s second outlet at Singapore Zoo is located in the Rainforest Kidzworld. The delicious chicken, burger and meals are just as juicy here as at the other.


Monday- Friday: 10.00 AM- 05.30 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.00 AM- 06.00 PM

Know Before You Book Singapore Zoo Tickets

How to Reach
Park Rules
Plan Your Visit
Tips while Visiting Singapore Zoo
Singapore zoo

1.) Opening Hours: 08.30 AM- 06.00 PM on all days of the week. Last entry at 05.00 PM.

2.) How to Reach

By MRT: The easiest way to reach the zoo is to take the North South Line MRT to Khatib MRT Station. From here, one can take the Mandai Khatib Shuttle, a dedicated bus service running between Singapore Zoo and the MRT Station. The ride takes about 15 minutes.

By Bus: The Singapore Zoo is well connected to the rest of the city by Route 138. The bus runs every 8-14 minutes between 06.30 AM and 11.45 PM.

By Taxi: Taking a taxi is the easiest and most convenient way to reach the zoo. The zoo is well connected to the rest of the city by road, and taxis are easily available as well. However, traveling by taxi is also the most expensive option.

Things to Do Around Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo
Birdwatching at Jurong Bird Park

The largest bird park in all of Asia, the Jurong Bird Park is one of Singapore’s best wildlife attractions. The Bird Park is home to more than 5,000 different birds across 400 species, each one boasting of a unique, and beautiful plumage. The Bird Park has several walk-in aviaries that allow visitors to get close and personal with its feathered residents. The Bird Park also hosts bird shows and feeding sessions on a regular basis.

Singapore zoo
Experience the fun at Night Safai

Singapore’s only nocturnal zoo, the Night Safari is one of the best places to visit in conjunction with the Singapore Zoo. The night safari offers a glimpse into how the nocturnal wildlife thrive in the dark. The Zoo quite literally takes visitors on a bus safari through its premises. The Safari is a guided one, with a zoo expert assisting visitors in spotting, identifying and learning more about the animals they come across throughout the tour.

Singapore zoo
Get drenched at River Wonders

One of the proudest attractions at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, River Wonders is Asia’s only river themed wildlife park. The park takes one across a tour of the Amazon river. Gliding on a boat along the river, one comes across a variety of wildlife and stunningly maintained exhibits on all sides. Giant pandas, red pandas, salamanders and sturgeon fish are some of the many animals that one can spot on the River Wonders. Another popular tourist favorite at the River Wonders is the capybara interaction show.

Singapore Zoo Tickets FAQ's

Is River Wonders inside of Singapore Zoo?

    No, the River Wonders is not located within the Singapore Zoo. However, it does form a part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, and can be experienced during one’s visit to the River Wonders in Mandai.

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Can I participate in the “Feed the Animals” Session?

How many different types of animals are found at Singapore Zoo?

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